Customer Story

Texas ENT Capitalizes on Missed Calls With Overflow Automation

As the primary ENT resource of the greater Houston area, Texas ENT Specialists receive hundreds of daily calls from patients with scheduling inquiries. Texas ENT became increasingly short-staffed due to the COVID19 pandemic and saw call volumes rise to an unmanageable daily missed calls.

To ensure they were providing the best experience for their team and patients, Texas ENT turned to Phase Zero to transform their call center workflows.

  • Automate sending SMS to overflow callers containing call-back form
  • Real-time transcription of voicemails
  • Record form responses and voicemails in a task queue in a HIPAA-compliant database
  • Auto-assign tasks in task queue to receptionists for same day call-back
  • Increased answer rate by more than 30%
  • 90% of missed scheduling calls converted to appointments on call back
  • Improved call center efficiency and faster cancellation notices
  • Increased revenue resulting from more appointments scheduled and reduced no shows
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